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  1. Providers Can Keep Charging 'Rental' Fees Until December; ISPs Can Make Streaming Offers You Can't Refuse; + more news -
  2. AT&T: HBO Max Will Not Count Against Data Caps; Avoiding Another Multi-Billion-Dollar Broadband Boondoggle; + more news -
  3. T-Mobile Now Has 5G Coverage Available In All 50 States; Analyst: HBO Max Isn't A GameChanger For AT&T; + more news -
  4. Verizon: Home Broadband Is Just Another Device; Four Sources Of Funding For Rural Broadband Networks; + more news -
  5. T-Mobile 5G Network Hitting 1Gbps, Verizon & AT&T Screwed; Bipartisan Bill Would Speed Broadband Buildouts; + more news -
  6. Xfinity Tops In Satisfaction Among Full Service MVNOs; It's A Broadband Race Between FTTP & Cable Broadband; + more news -
  7. AT&T Launches HBO Max, Vying With Netflix, Others; Verizon: Call And Texting Volumes Back To Normal Levels; + more news -
  8. Verizon, Internet Traffic Patterns May Indicate New Normal; AT&T Faces More Pressure To Jettison DirecTV; + more news -
  9. Verizon Has Fastest 5G, But Users See 5G Just 0.5% Of Time; Comcast Fully Committed To Full Duplex DOCSIS; + more news -
  10. Ajit Pai Doubts SpaceX Broadband-Latency Claims; Beware Of Op/Eds Bearing False US Pandemic Internet Claims; + more news -
  11. Poor Americans Face Hurdles Getting Promised Internet; AT&T Loses Bid To Dismiss $1.8M Crypto Theft Lawsuit; + more news -
  12. Covid-19 Just Triggered The Worst Quarter Ever For Cord Cutting; Xfinity Mobile Launches 5G Using Verizon; + more news -