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  1. Verizon Keeps Snapping Up Spectrum & Small Carriers; CBRS Momentum Pushes Auction Proceeds Past $2 Billion; + more news -
  2. T-Mobile Passes AT&T, Becomes Second-Largest Carrier; DOJ Asks Court To Block California Net Neutrality Law; + more news -
  3. T-Mobile Standalone 5G Proves Sporadic In Initial Tests; Satellite-Based Internet Putting Millions At Risk; + more news -
  4. Broadband Almost Conquered, Comcast Turns Attention To Streaming; Trump Rescinds O'Rielly Nomination At FCC; + more news -
  5. Amazon to spend $10B to battle Elon Musk for space-based internet; Will lockdown data usage patterns prevail; +more news -
  6. Deal May Give AT&T Unprecedented Coverage In The US; Verizon's Answer For Rural Broadband Access Is LTE; + more news -
  7. Why 2020 Will Be Brutal For The Cable Industry; How Much Do You Really Care About 5G?; + more news -
  8. Another ISP Accuses Record Industry Of Submitting Dodgy Takedown Notices; CES Will Be Online-Only In 2021; + more news -
  9. Verizon Fios And AT&T Are The Internet Speed Kings; Here's Why T-Mobile 4G Speeds Have Recently Dropped; + more news -
  10. Verizon CEO: We Are Building A Transformative 5G; T-Mobile TVision Device Will Be A Dongle?; + more news -
  11. T-Mobile To Require New Devices Support VoLTE From August 4; AT&T Joins T-Mobile With Nationwide 5G Network; + more -
  12. AT&T Criticized For False 'Upgrade Phone Or Lose Service' Warning; T-Mobile Mid-Band 5G Markets Added; + more news -