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  1. AT&T Sets DirecTV And U-Verse Price Hikes In 2020; Charter CEO: Streaming Isn't Driving Cordcutting; + more news of note -
  2. Journalist Visits T-Mobile Store To Talk 5G, Response Was Cringe; T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Case Begins Today; + more news -
  3. T-Mobile's Low-Band 5G 2x to 4x Faster Than 4G; Comcast, Charter Reach Relevance in U.S. Wireless; + more news of note -
  4. FCC Finds Verizon, T-Mobile, US Cellular 4G Maps Are Bogus; Frontier CEO Change May Signal Bankruptcy Plans; + more news -
  5. AT&T says it was required by law to turn over call records featured in House impeachment report; + more news of note -
  6. T-Mobile Debuts 5G Across US 4 Days Early; Switching Wireless Carriers Might Soon Get A Lot Easier; + more news of note -
  7. Lowband 5G Offers the Massive Coverage We Need; Telcos Are Deploying RCS in Dangerously Unsecure Ways; + more news -
  8. Hulu Is New Live TV Streaming King (& Raises Prices); Senate Dems Introduce Privacy Bill of Rights; + more news of note -
  9. Leak exposes social info, phone numbers, & more of 1.2B people; Ryan Reynolds now owns Mint Mobile; + more news of note -
  10. FCC Bans Huawei & ZTE from USF-Funded Networks, Cost to Replace Could be $2 Billion; + more notable news -
  11. T-Mobile Suffers Breach, Prepaid Subs Data Exposed; Apple's Online Store Quietly Kills User Reviews and Ratings; & More -
  12. House E&C approves pile of bipartisan broadband bills; Is the free Internet proposed in UK even possible?; + more news -