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  1. Google Shuts Down Internet Balloon Subsidiary Project Loon; Ajit Pai: 3Mbps Uploads Are Still Good Enough; + more news -
  2. FCC Broadband Deployment Report Released; SpaceX Passes Starlink 1,000-Satellite Launch Mark; + more news -
  3. Charter Pulls Request Seeking Early End Of Ban On Data Caps, Paid Peering; + more news -
  4. 5G Rivals Face Record $81B Tab After Spectrum Buying Spree; FCC Gives Blessing On Frontier Restructuring; + more -
  5. It Could Be Years Until The Full Benefits Of 5G Are Unlocked; Cisco Buys Acacia Communications For $4.5B; + more news -
  6. ACA Connects: Smaller Video Providers Pay 43% More Than Larger Providers For Retransmission Fees; + more news -
  7. Judge Refuses To Cut The Billion Dollar Damages Cox Must Pay; Billionaires' Brawl Over Satellite Broadband; + more news -
  8. Dems To ISPs: You're Not Gonna Hike Broadband Prices, Slap Restrictions On Folks In A Pandemic, Are You?; + more news -
  9. FCC Sees Increase In Advertised Broadband Speeds, Most Providers Deliver Speeds Advertised; + more news -
  10. Ajit Pai Won't Reform Section 230 Before He Leaves Office; T-Mobile, AT&T And Verizon CEOs React To DC Violence + more -
  11. Could The Digital Divide Unite Us?; T-Mobile Begins Putting 5G Into Its Fixed Wireless Internet Service; + more news -
  12. Verizon To Indefinitely Delay Shutdown Of 3G Network; ViaSat Asks FCC To Investigate Space X For Space Pollution; + more -