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  1. Frontier Readies For Bankruptcy, Regrets Fiber Failure; John Legere Steps Down As T-Mobile CEO After Merger; + more news -
  2. Telcos Must Implement New SHAKEN/STIR Protocol By 6/30/2021; Using COVID-19 To Celebrate Death Of Net Neutrality; + more -
  3. How Congress, FCC Can Help Students Without Broadband Access; ISPs Need To Just Kill Data Caps Already; + more news -
  4. OneWeb Declares Bankruptcy And SpaceX Might Be Next; US Telecoms Seek Major Temp Dereg Help From FCC; + more news -
  5. 5G Deploying Faster Than 4G; Controversial New Map May Finally Bring Broadband To Everyone In America; + more news -
  6. Verizon, AT&T & Others Mobilize To Fight Virus; How To Get Verizon, AT&T Data-Cap Fees Waived For Pandemic; + more news -
  7. Trump Signs 5G & Broadband Mapping Bills Into Law; Peak Evening Demand Still The Network Capacity Challenge; + more news -
  8. Spectrum Internet & TV Services Are Down Across The US; SpaceX Gets License For 1M Broadband User Terminals; + more news -
  9. UN: Fastest, Broadest Broadband Possible Is Priority At This Time; Broadband Is Not Immune To COVID-19; + more news -
  10. T-Mobile/Sprint A Go Despite COVID-19 Fears; Netflix To Reduce Stream Quality To Avoid Breaking Internet; + more news -
  11. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint Close 1000s Of Stores Nationwide; Coronavirus Strengthening Case For Free Internet; + more news -
  12. US Gov Wants To Use Phone Location Data To Stem Corona; Cable's Next Big Network Move: Expand The Upstream; + more news -