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  1. More Than 1 Billion People Expected To Be Using 5G By Year's End; + more notable news -
  2. U.S Cable TV Companies Quietly Bled Another 785,000 Paying Customers Last Quarter; + more notable news -
  3. Comcast's Sneaky Broadcast TV Fee Hits $27, Making A Mockery Of Advertised Rates; + more notable news -
  4. Senators Urge NTIA To Redefine Reliable Broadband, FWA Opportunities At Stake; + more notable news -
  5. Cable Company's Accidental Email To Rival Discusses Plan To Block Competition; + more notable news -
  6. Police Tracked Traffic Of All National ISPs To Catch Pirate IPTV Users; + more notable news -
  7. FCC To Require ISPs To Display Labels Clearly Showing Speeds And Itemized Fees; + more notable news -
  8. Cox Ups Mobile Prices, Expands Coverage And Preps 5G Network; + more notable news -
  9. ISP Deploys Fiber Service With A Wrinkle - The Users Themselves Own Each Network; + more notable news -
  10. Google Agrees To Pay Largest Privacy Settlement In U.S. History For Tracking Location Data; + more notable news -
  11. FCC Will Release Updated Broadband Map On November 18 With Caveats; + more notable news -
  12. Starlink Announces 1TB Monthly Cap, Users Who Go Over Will Get Slower Speeds; 25¢/GB For Additional Data; + more news -