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  1. Analysts: Cable Gained the Lion's Share of 1Q Wireless Subscriber Gains; + more notable news -
  2. Home Broadband/Mobile Has Become Comcast's 'Lead Bundle,' CFO Says; + more notable news -
  3. Some LG Phones Are Being Essentially Bricked By A T-Mobile Bug; + more notable news -
  4. Broadcom Is In Talks To Acquire VMware, Discussions Are Ongoing But No Guarantee They Will Lead To Purchase; + more news -
  5. Republicans, Opposed To ISP Common Carrier Status, Want Social Media Platforms Treated Like Public Utilities; + more -
  6. Do Mobile Telcos Really Need Fiber When They Have Microwave & mmWave?; + more notable news -
  7. T-Mobile US Throws Down 5G Gauntlet To Slow-Moving Rivals; + more notable news -
  8. 44% Of Americans Think Tech Giants Should Be Regulated More, Down From 56% In April 2021; + more notable news -
  9. When Will Democrats Deliver On Their Promise To Restore Net Neutrality?; + more notable news -
  10. AT&T Is About To Get Away With Its Bogus $1.99 'Administrative Fee'; + more notable news -
  11. Dish's Boost Resurrects Ad-Supported Mobile Service - Again; + more notable news -
  12. Team Biden Celebrates Broadband Accomplishments, Yet Is Leaving FCC Nominee Gigi Sohn Hanging Out To Dry; + more news -