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  1. Starlink Will Exit Beta Next Month; How California's Broadband Infrastructure Law Promotes Local Choice; + more news -
  2. Locast's Free TV Service Ordered To Shut Down Permanently After Copyright Loss; + more notable news -
  3. Biden's Baffling FCC Delay Could Give Republicans A 2-1 FCC Majority; + more notable news -
  4. Big ISPs Fight To Save Exclusive Wiring Deals That Limit Choice In Apartments; + more notable news -
  5. Viasat Joins Amazon In Protesting SpaceX Proposal for Second-Gen Starlink; + more notable news -
  6. Historic Win In U.S. Court Of Appeals Over The FCC, Telecoms And The Safety Of 5G; + more notable news -
  7. Yandex Says It Repelled Biggest DDoS Attack In History; How 5G Rollout Became Such A Long Hard, Slog; + more news -
  8. Global Mobile and Fixed Speeds Accelerating, U.S. Not in Top 10 Globally; + more notable news -
  9. Best Big And Small US Cities For Finding A Fast And Reliable Internet Connection; + more notable news -
  10. Who Is Starlink Really For - Can The People Who Need LEO Satellite Internet Service Actually Afford It?; + more news -
  11. Locast, Which Streamed Live Local TV For Free, Halts Operations After Lawsuit By ABC And Others; + more notable news -
  12. House Minority Leader McCarthy Openly Threatens Telcos Who Comply With Capitol Riot Committee Requests; + more news -