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  1. FCC Rejects Own Net Neutrality Arguments To Claim To Be Internet Speech Police; AT&T Sheds 627K Pay-TV Subs; + more news -
  2. Pent-Up Demand drives Fios Internet Sub Growth To Five-Year High; T-Mobile Touts Rural Bona Fides; + more news -
  3. DOJ Will File Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google; SpaceX Granted Licence To Provide Internet To Rural Canada; + more news -
  4. Headlines to return Wednesday -
  5. These US Rural Areas Have the Highest (And Lowest) Internet Speeds; T-Mobile's 5G Lead Begins To Widen; + more news -
  6. FCC Approves SpaceX To Bid In Rural-Broadband Auction; Groups Ask Trump To Scrap U.S. Government 5G Network; + more news -
  7. Comcast Tech Prez Falls Offline While Boasting About Connectivity; Early Reviewers Of Verizon 5G Unimpressed; +more news -
  8. Facebook Launches Satellite To Research Broadband Connectivity; Will The iPhone Be The Spark That 5G Needs; + more news -
  9. T-Mobile Expands LTE To Rural Areas Recently 'Abandoned' By AT&T; Comcast Tests Symmetrical 1.25 Gbps; + more news -
  10. Group Introduces A Global Privacy Standard; COVID-19 Slams Cable Next-Gen Network Upgrades; + more news -
  11. Public Beta for SpaceX Internet Will Start Soon; Buying Verizon 5G Home Even Harder Than Finding 5G Signal; + more news -
  12. Pai Rips Net Dereg Criticism As 'Frightening Nonsense'; FCC To Vote On Rural Broadband Funding Framework; + more news -